Adele Cuting

Soundcuts Ltd.

Adele Cutting is a BAFTA award-winning audio professional with 20+ years experience audio direction, designing sound, music editing, casting and directing actors and covering all things audio across games, TV, installations, mobile and VR.
In 2011, Adele founded audio production company, Soundcuts, winners of Develop awards for Creative Outsourcing - Audio in 2017/18 and a TIGA for Best Audio Supplier in 2018.
Before Soundcuts, Adele spent 15 years at EA, working her way up the ranks from Junior Sound Designer to Senior Audio Director, working on blockbuster titles such the Harry Potter franchise (on which she wore both audio and voice director hats), plus well known cult classics Populous the Beginning and Theme Park World.
Recent titles Adele has worked on include Assassin's Creed Odyssey (UK and Athens Voice Direction), The Room Old Sins (Sound Design), Pinky Malinky (Music Editing and co-ordination), Astrologaster (Voice Direction), Elements - a James Bond cinematic installation in the alps.(Sound Design and Music Editing), Planet Zoo (Speech production (Casting/Direction/PostPro) and Immortals Fenyx Rising (UK and Athens Voice Direction)
Adele regularly sits on juries for various sound awards (BAFTA, MAS and the Game Audio Network Guild) and regularly talks at Universities and Game Industry events.