Alan Norton

Ford Motor Company

Working in Automotive Electronics for 29 years, Alan has been able to specialize in his career to align with his lifelong hobby of Audio, Sound and Acoustics! Passion for the positive emotional reaction that well performed, recorded and reproduced music provokes in fellow humans drives his pursuit of technologies and product offerings. Achievements with Ford Motor Company include the first Ford premium audio system in Europe, exclusive Revel systems for Lincoln, the world’s first A2B digital audio bus launch and B&O audio for Ford globally. In his research role at Ford, high importance is placed on cross industry collaborations, evident in the showing of a vehicle at CES2018 on the High Res Music stand demonstrating just how stunning lossless and hi-res audio can be in a vehicle. Alan is a firm believer in technology as an enabler to bring, often-inexperienced listeners, closer to the original intent and actively seeks critical feedback from music professionals and end users alike.