Anastasia Devana

Hear XR

Anastasia Devana is an internationally-recognized leader in spatial audio design and technology. She loves working in new immersive mediums like VR, AR, and spatial computing, because it lets her combine her passions for technology, audio, and innovation. What Anastasia brings to every project is not only extensive creative and technical skills and 3D audio expertise, but also a deep respect for the craft of immersive spatial audio design.

In her role as the Audio Director at Magic Leap, Anastasia has built and led a world-class team, shipped several award-winning projects, played a key role in advancing the Magic Leap spatial audio technology, and presented at a number of international conferences on the topic of spatial audio. Recently Anastasia founded Hear XR - a spatial audio consulting agency, where she is offering her services as an audio director, developer, consultant, speaker, and educator. Her goal is to continue pushing the medium forward, while sharing what she learned along the way.