Catherine Vericolli

Fivethirteen Recording

Catherine Vericolli is a recording and archival engineer, and an outspoken analog purist. She opened Fivethirteen Recording Studios in Phoenix, AZ in 2005, where for nearly fifteen years she’s dedicated herself to keeping the traditional analog recording process alive in the desert. Her studio hosts national touring bands, guest engineers, and film scoring projects, in addition to providing a high end recording experience for the many local bands that call Arizona home. Now, Catherine specializes in production, studio management, machine maintenance and analog transfers. Splitting time between Nashville, TN and Phoenix, she’s also the transfer and project manager for Useful Industries, Archiving and Restoration. She can be found traveling the country speaking on panels about audio, writing for industry publications, and educating the next generation of audio engineers. Catherine is also active in advocacy for women in audio, and she serves on the board of