Charlie Bolois

Vertigo Recording Services

Charlie Bolois is the owner and C.E. of Vertigo Recording Services, a pro audio technical service company serving the Los Angeles area since 1981. Specializing in repair and maintenance of Studer and Ampex analog tape machines, this affinity with electronics and recording lead him toward becoming a successful recording studio system troubleshooter, installer and system integrator. His shop is usually teeming with Neumann U47s, U67s, M49s, Telefunken 251s, Fairchild 660s and 670s, pieces of Neve consoles, API modules and lots of other vintage treasures all in for repair or restoration. His long standing affiliation with ATC Loudspeakers took him to Walt Disney Concert Hall to install the custom ATC stage speakers for small ensemble sound reinforcement. He currently maintains studios he has installed, and works for artists like Eddie Van Halen, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Beck, Neil Diamond, Lindsey Buckingham, Glen Ballard, Edward Sharpe, Danny Elfman, John Fogerty, New Monkey, Jim James, Jack Johnson, Ray Charles, Joni Mitchell and many others. He plays guitar when he can and tries to solve every Sunday LA Times crossword puzzle.