Christian Cooley

Bamyasi Studios

Christian Cooley is a Mexican music producer, composer, audio technician and software-programmer. He has collaborated as a music producer with artists such as Ilan Rubin (Nine Inch Nails), UNKLE, Ladytron, Son Lux, Nortec Collective among others. In addition to music production, he is deeply involved in audio for post-production. In 2009, Christian opened ‘Suena Logico’, a company with two studios in Mexico City that offers audio post-production services for T.V., Radio, and Film. The facility is a successful and dominant company that effectively delivers its services to world known advertising agencies mainly in the Latin American market. In September 2015, Christian expanded his horizons in the American market by opening a Miami-based co-working space with an integrated audio post-production facility. ‘Bamyasi Studio’ is the heart of the building which shares knowledge and projects with other companies, entrepreneurs and creatives involved in the collective workspace.