David Thibodeau

Analog Devices

David Thibodeau received his electronics training in the military in 1977 working mostly on audio equipment. Since leaving the military in 1979 he has worked at several recording studios engineering and maintaining the facilities. This includes holding the chief engineer positon at Middle Tennessee State University where he also earned a BS in Computer Science. After leaving MTSU he did free-lance studio repair and design work and then accepted a position to lead the service department for Pro Audio Design. While there he hired and trained a crew of technicians to refurbish used Solid State Logic consoles. During his tenure there the company refurbished and installed more than 100 consoles and designed a remote control 8-channel microphone preamp. He then returned to free-lance work where he branched into broadcast audio doing commentary audio for the Olympics in Beijing and London along with the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. In 2005 he also began designing Pro Audio equipment with Geoff Daking, of Daking Audio, and he also designed some compressors for Dramastic Audio. With Daking Audio he co-designed several compressors and mic pre-amps along with their new flagship analog audio recording console. In 2012 he accepted a position at Analog Devices as an applications engineer assisting customers in designing products using Analog Devices ADCs, DACs, and SigmaDSPs. He also gives back to the industry by teaching evening classes at Umass-Lowell and Berklee College of Music.