Don Sickler

Second Floor Music

Maureen Sickler, now owner of the Van Gelder Recording Studio, and her husband Don met at Gonzaga University. After the couple moved to New York City in 1967, Don got a Master's Degree in performance (trumpet) from the Manhattan School of Music. Don first worked as an editor then moved to United Artist Music Publishing Group to become production manager of their print division. After five years at United Artists, Don joined with Maureen to start a new jazz publishing company. Don has produced three Grammy-winning projects with Joe Henderson. Second Floor Music, Don’s music publishing company, represents many of the top jazz composers to this day. His performance credentials include work with drummers Philly Joe Jones, Art Blakey, and Roy Haynes. In conjunction with Don’s many sessions as a producer and musician at Van Gelder Studio, Maureen was asked by Rudy to assist him in 1986. As computers and digital recording came in, Rudy took advantage of Maureen's computer skills and knowledge, and the two worked together for 30 years.