Eddie Ciletti

Manhattan Sound Technicians Inc.

Eddie Ciletti has been an audio professional for 45 years, 19 of which were spent in New York City. Currently the ONLY Manhattan Sound Technician in Minnesota, he services a variety of audio gear - from vintage microphones to analog and digital tape machines - as well as archiving services. He taught analog recording and electronics for 10 years at The Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis. He started as a keyboard technician for Hall and Oates back in 1975, provided tech (and occasional assistant eng) services at Atlantic and Record Plant studios (NYC), including remote support for Live Aid and Farm Aid.. Throughout his varied career, he's freelanced as an audio recording engineer and is very fond of recording lathes. Eddie loves to cook and is a huge fan of FUTURAMA, THE GOOD PLACE and the OUTLANDER (TV and book series).