Gabe Herman

The University of Hartford, The Hartt School

Gabe Herman is an engineer who is as at home in audio post production for film and television as he is as a music producer and studio engineer.

In music, Gabe has engineered and produced numerous recordings in a variety of genres spanning from classical ensembles to modern rock, contemporary world beat music, jazz, blues, R&B and more. His work has been broadcasted on national television, terrestrial and satellite radio, and his clients work has received outstanding reviews by critics associated with a myriad of publications. He owns and operates AudioGabriel, an audio production house that features some of the largest and finest recording space and equipment in the New England area.

His film scores, audio post and sound design work have premiered and won awards at over 21 film festivals across the globe. He has also mixed and designed sound for a number of original programming series for NBC, VS, the Outdoor Channel and MTV as well as other prominent media outlets.

In addition to his ongoing professional work in media production, he is Assistant Professor of Music Industry at the Hartt School, and currently serves as Vice Chair of the Education Committee of the Audio Engineering Society.