Gary Elko

mh acoustics

Gary W. Elko started his professional career at Bell Labs after completing his Ph.D. at the Pennsylvania State University in Acoustics. Dr. Elko was a Research Supervisor of the Electroacoustics and Signal Processing Group in the Acoustics Research Department at Bell Labs. He was also a Research Scientist, and Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Lucent, and Agere Systems and Avaya Labs. In 2002 he cofounded mh acoustics to patent, design, and build the Eigenmike® spherical microphone array. mh acoustics specializes in developing and licensing intellectual property in the area of front-end acoustic signal processing for communications. Dr. Elko is a fellow of both the Acoustical Society of America and the IEEE. He received the Acoustical Society of America's Silver Medal in Engineering Acoustics in 2012 and the IEEE Signal Processing Society Industrial Innovation Award in 2015. He has more than 60 publications and over 30 patents in the area of acoustic transducers and acoustic signal processing.