Hanson Hsu

Delta H Design Inc. | DHDI

Hanson Hsu was raised in a quiet suburb of Syracuse, New York. The grandson of a symphony orchestra conductor, and son of a scientist, he was drawn to music, theatre, and film at a young age. Inherently artistic and curious, he learned sound and lighting for theatre in school productions and community theatre. Hsu self-authored his bachelor’s degree through a unique program known as the Innovative Projects Board at the State University of New York at Binghamton. His thesis, “Creative Sound Technology”, was based in 5 fields of study: Music, Theatre, Film, Psychology and Physics.                                                

At the University’s Roadhouse Theatre, he worked in live sound with a wide variety of artists including: Pearl Bailey, Wynton Marsalis, Rudolf Nuryev, Bradford Marsalis, ABT, Gordon Lightfoot, Sankai Juko, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, Peter Paul and Mary, Hubbard Street Dance Theatre and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

Starting in Ithaca NY, in a small audio firm called Calf Audio, he eventually moved to LA, intrigued by the diversity of work, from live sound and music studios to post production for film and television. Career Highlights include: faculty at Cornell University’s Theatre Dept, live sound with Schubert Systems, Maryland Sound, Best Audio, Royce Hall and The Wadsworth Theatre, Chief Engineer at Westlake Audio, senior post production engineer at Sony Pictures Entertainment and Principal Quantum Acoustician at Delta H Design Inc. (DHDI)

Hsu founded DHDI in 1997, a design firm specializing in acoustics and architecture with an emphasis on research and innovation. In 2006, Hsu invented the ZR Acoustics® design paradigm, motivated by the late, great Mike Shipley’s request for a new studio design “…with world class acoustics, filled with light and windows in a rectangular room without angling any walls or the ceiling.”

In late 2012 he introduced ZR Acoustics® SMD’s: affordable, lightweight, surface mounted Quantum Acoustic devices. Shortly thereafter, Hsu founded Nomad Arc Inc., a line of modern, transportable building structures for residential or commercial use, inspired by nature, conceived by necessity, and born of innovation.

Since it’s inception, DHDI has worked with inspired individuals and international corporations such as Mike Shipley, Universal Mastering, Alan Meyerson, McGill University, Rafa Sardina, Henry Jackman, Pepperdine Music Lab, Chris Athens Mastering, Lime Post, Dan Wilson, Yahoo Nissan Live Sets, Ryan Hewitt, SAE Los Angeles, Hyperloop Technologies and Aerospace Technology Corporations.

Hsu continues his design and research work at DHDI’s design studio in Marina Del Rey, California.