Hugo Larin

FLUX:: Immersive

Hugo Larin is a key collaborator of the Flux:: immersive Spat audio engine project and has deep roots in in audio mixing, design and operation as well as in networked control and data distribution.

He launched his career in production equipment rentals and in studio recording. His passion for technology and for the entertainment production environment quickly drove him toward the live production sphere. His activities include in this realm include a number of mixing, operation and technical director roles on a variety of high profile productions and events.

In 1998, benefitting from his experience, passion, and relationships within the Canadian marketplace Hugo pivoted into the sales, distribution, and business development aspect of the industry.

His gregarious and infectious personality make him a natural collaborator and trainer. In addition to his sales and technical chops, Hugo is an Avid VENUE S6L platform Certified Instructor (ACI) for support representatives (ACSR VE400 S6L) as well as for users and professional operators (VE110 and 210 S6L).

Hugo has, over the course of his career, built his brand and those he represents by providing advice, training, and guidance to collaborators such as resellers, design consultants, technicians, and operators.