Jamie Angus

University of Salford

Jamie's interest in Audio started with a visit to WOR radio and television in NYC when she was 11. She was hooked and spent much of her free time studying audio, radio and loudspeakers and even managed to build some! She studied electronics at Kent (Uk) doing her Bsc and Phd there from 1974 to 1980. She became interested in A/D conversion and worked on a sigma delta approach, but had to give it up to concentrate on her Thesis topic of designing a DSP processor. She, developed direct signal processing methods for sigma delta audio and has worked on SACD. She also invented both the modulated diffuser and absorption diffuser. She also developed the Digi-4 an early 4-track digital tape recorder in the late 80s. She is now professor of Audio technology at Salford, where she is currently investigating environmentally friendly audio technology. She likes playing drums and dancing, but not at the same time.