Jay Weinland

Industrial Toys

Jay Weinland, currently Audio Director at Industrial Toys, has been making audio for games (and theater) for 25 years. Beginning in 1995 Jay spent the last years of the millenium on FIFA 97-2000 and Need For Speed I-IV-Motor City at EA Seattle. In 2000 Jay began an 18 year tenure at Bungie starting with Oni and continuing with Halo CE-Reach and Destiny 1-2. For theater favorite projects include Lobby Hero and the annual Christmastown at Seattle Public, Pride and Prejudice at Book-It, Jesus Hopped the A Train at Azeotrope, and numerous productions with Seattle Shakespeare Company. A graduate of Oberlin Conservatory in 1991 with degrees in oboe (BM) and music education (MMT) Jay taught grade 4-12 instrumental music and high school drama for 5 years before starting his audio career.