Jeremy McKane

OCN/The McKane Organization

As Founder of The Ocean Currency Network OCN, McKane and his team's vision is to measure a number of variables that make life possible in the ocean. If it cannot be measured, it cannot be improved. This Ethereum Blockchain solution enables us to build smart contracts around UNDP SDG14 which is Life Below Water. These goals will not only enable us to protect what little we have left but provide a business model for doing the right thing.

Recently on a trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. McKane led his team to launch the Ocean Coin. The financial instrument that runs the Ocean.Fund Blockchain. The Ocean Coin itself is soon to be adopted by a Sovereign State as its official currency. We are the world's first ERC721 Token for the ocean.

As an International Artist, McKane is currently in collaboration with the German Ministry as a commitment to the G7 Summit to protect the oceans. His work LUCiD is presently on a 3 year world tour. McKane is also working with 5GYRES and Take3 Australia Conservation groups to urge his viewers to just take 3 pieces of trash and put it in its appropriate bin. Beyond that his latest installation LUCiD pushes further to show viewers innovative people around the globe that find new ways to keep trash out of the ocean and how to re-use it.

“Those who ignore the damage, are equal to those who are doing the damage.” -McKane

In the past 3 Years McKane took on the project of helping restore the "Pegasus" which is the icon of Dallas Texas. It was first erected atop the Magnolia Oil Building in 1934 and replaced in 1999. It sat in storage and in 2011 conversations began on how this piece could be restored for all the public to personally appreciate.