John Kiehl

Manhattan Producers Alliance

John Kiehl co-founded Soundtrack Recording Studios with his partner Rob Cavicchio 40 years ago in Boston as a jingle company.Now with studios in Boston and NYC, Soundtrack is very active in audio post for TV & Motion Picture. Last year John's colleague at Soundtrack, Tommy Fleischman, won the Academy Award for Best Sound Mix for his work on Martin Scorcece's feature film HUGO; more recently an EMMY for his mixing of Boardwalk Empire.

John’s 40 years in the industry followed a fairly typical trajectory of studio musician becoming an arranger, becoming a recording engineer, becoming a producer, becoming a studio manager, becoming a self-proclaimed visionary, and most recently living relic of the good ol’ days. All this is to say John has worn all the hats associated with the recording industry.

John also authors iPhone apps. He loves evangelizing the idea that the future will lead everyone into the arts. Our mobil devices are a significant step in that direction.