John Schaab

Modulation Index, LLC

Coming up to my 50th anniversary in Broadcast Technology starting out with ITC, International Tapetronics in 1972 as a gopher working my way through school with a wife and child on the way. I was exposed to some of the top broadcast and design engineers in the industry and by 1979 had been added to the sales staff for the start of a career in broadcast hardware and technology sales. In my career I've sold, cart machines, audio routers, playout automation and for the last 15 years broadcast audio processing and streaming with both Orban and it's spin off, Modulation Index.

New technology is now reaching live audio streaming, one of the fastest areas of digital audio growth. Radio stations are seeing a growing segment of their audience switching to IP audio so now the care that has been taken with the RF signal must be applied to your streams. It is no longer a promotion but a revenue channel where audio quality and especially stream reliability in todays mobile world.