Juan "Cana" San Martin

Astor Mastering

Juan “Cana” San Martín is one of the most demanded audio engineers in the independent argentine music scene, both in studio recording and live sound. Astor Mastering Studio owner, has made more than 1500 records from Argentina, USA, Colombia, Ecuador and other countries. He is also an acoustic consultant with over 80 facilities designed, including Anexed Chambers of Deputies and Senate of Argentina, and the Auditor General's Office. He is currently developing intelligent hearing systems aids for hearing impaired and has also designed a freeware suite of plugins for DAWs and live sound digital mixers. He teaches at the National University of La Plata and several schools, and in 2015 received the Outstanding Personality of Culture Award at the Council. In the same year, takes the position of Chairman of the Audio Engineering Society Argentine Section, trying to position AES strongly in the academic and business fields, focusing on activities that provide real utility for the community.