Kat Young

AudioLab, Department of Electronic Engineering, University of York

Kat Young is a Research Associate at the AudioLab (Department of Electronic Engineering) at the University of York, UK. They completed a PhD in Electronic Engineering (investigating the feasibility of near-field binaural loudspeaker reproduction) and an MEng in Electronic Engineering with Music Technology in 2019 and 2015, respectively, from the same institution. They have worked on projects including "Author Gender Diversity at Audio Engineering Society Conferences" with Michael Lovdee-Turner, Jude Brereton and Helena Daffern, "Dynamic Interactive Voice for 3D Audio Communication'" with Gavin Kearney, Amelia Gully, Jez Wells and Helena Daffern, "Improving cleft palate treatment with acoustics" with Helena Daffern, and "Design of a Music and Audio Engineering 'Electronics Everywhere' Project for KS3 students" with Jude Brereton and Stew Edmonson.