Larry_the O

Larry the O

Toys in the Attic, Vallejo, CA, USA

Larry the O has worked on many sides of the audio industry, including audio post-production for TV and film, album recording, video games, manufacturing, software development, publishing, and industrial sound design. In these environments he has performed as a composer, sound designer, audio director, audio engineer, producer, and writer.

He has held positions at Lexicon, Russian Hill Recording, Focused Audio, LucasArts Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Meyer Sound, and BIAS, and been a contributing editor to Mix and Electronic Musician magazines, as well as authoring two books published by Hal Leonard.

The O graduated Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production, Summa Cum Laude, and has been awarded Berklee’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

His production company, Toys In the Attic, currently produces Ears Hear Now, a show that applies a cinematic scoring approach to storytelling. The show’s first episode, “Out of Body, Out of Mind,” was a Platinum Selection at the 2017 HEAR Now Audio Fiction and Arts Festival. The second story, “The Incident,” is currently in production with a Q4 2017 release date.