Leonard Menon

University of Lethbridge

Leonard Menon is an Alberta-based producer, engineer, and musician who is currently working as a researcher at the University of Lethbridge. His participation as an artist and supporter of the local music scene in Edmonton, Alberta in the mid-2000’s induced a fascination with audio engineering and production, prompting his pursuit of a Degree in music, majoring in Digital Audio Arts. During his degree Menon became a university researcher and presented at conferences such as Social Distinction in the 21st Recording Studio and as a panelist during Virtual Vienna 2020. In spring of 2020, Menon was selected to receive two academic awards: the Chinook Summer Research Award allowed him to continue his research on West African music producers with the AFRINUM Collaborative Research Project, and the Joyce and Ron Sakamoto Prize for Research and Development in DAA will fund the development and implementation a workshop for artist-producers in the Lethbridge local music community in Spring 2021.