Lynn Fuston


Lynn Fuston was a recording engineer in Nashville for nearly four decades, recording artists such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, DC Talk, Russ Taff, Twila Paris, Gaither Vocal Band, and Rich Mullins. In 2015 Lynn joined Sweetwater as the Manager of Written Content. He loves to travel and has recorded in Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, Ghana, Western Samoa, and Hawaii. A recognized author, he has written for EQ, ProSound News, and Audio Media, and was the Technical Editor for Pro Audio Review. A graduate of Belmont University, he served on the board of the Nashville chapter of the Audio Engineering Society and the Society of Professional Audio Recording Studios (SPARS). He is known internationally for producing CDs and DVDs like the 3D Pre CD, the 3D Mic CD, and Preamps in Paradise, projects that allow the listener to hear dozens of equipment options ranging from affordable to expensive esoteric vintage gear. He has also moderated recording forums since 1998 such as his own 3D/FB forum on Facebook. He currently directs a team of technical writers who generate the written content for Sweetwater.