Magdalena Piotrowska

Gdansk University of Technology

Magdalena Piotrowska (Plewa) is a mastering engineer and researcher based in Poland. She first became excited by sound whilst still at kindergarten, where she dreamed of becoming a builder of musical instruments. This early enthusiasm later became the basis for her education at music school.

Uniting her passion for sound and international travel, Magdalena participated in postgraduate studies in Music Production and Recording at the University of Stavanger in Norway as well as in the recording program at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada). In 2016 she received a PhD with her thesis dedicated to Music Information Retrieval. She is now involved in research making connections between science and practical applications in the field of audio technology at Gdansk University of Technology.

After several years of education, training and supervision, in 2016 she started her own facility, Hear Candy Mastering.

Magdalena has worked with artists across a diverse range of musical genres, including KARI, Further Away, SALK, Kirbanu, Ceri Jones, Laura Dickens, Claire Chase, IMA KYO, deuair and Annalie Wilson. A production that she worked on recently as has been nominated for a Fryderyki 2018 Award.

Since 2013 Magdalena has served the Society as Education Committee Vice Chair and Coordinator of Student Events during AES Conventions in the US and Europe. In 2015-2017 she served as a Governor.

Magdalena is also active as an educator. She has lead classes in audio subjects at universities in Poland (AGH, Kraków; PJWSTK, Warszawa, Silesia University, Gdansk University of Technology, Uniwesytet Slaski). She was awarded the Ministers of Science and Higher Education Scholarship as well as study grants from the Committee for International Research and Education, the Acoustical Society of America and the Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation.

Magdalena is the author and co-author of scientific papers presented at numerous international conferences, including AES Conventions. Her goal is to is make connections between science and practical application in the field of audio technology.