Marina Bosi

CCRMA, Stanford University

Marina Bosi, AES Fellow and Past President, is a pioneer in the field of digital audio coding and has enjoyed a distinguished career as a researcher, leader, and educator in the fields of digital media technology, digital rights management, and IP licensing. Marina was a member of the research team at Dolby Laboratories that created AC-3 (aka Dolby Digital) and was the leader of the MPEG-2 AAC (the core coding technology used in Apple's iTunes, etc.) development for which she received the ISO/IEC 1997 Project Editor award. She then devoted herself to sharing her hard-won knowledge with the next generation of audio engineers by launching the first North American university course on perceptual audio coding at Stanford University where she is currently teaching and by writing the acclaimed textbook “Introduction to Digital Audio Coding and Standards” (Kluwer/Springer 2003) which has been translated into Chinese and Korean for sale in those overseas markets. Dr. Bosi was CTO of MPEG LA; VP of Technology at DTS; and, together with the head of MPEG, Leonardo Chiariglione, cofounded the Digital Media Project, an organization promoting successful development, deployment of rights management and the use of digital media. Established author of technical publications and patents, Marina co-chaired the 97th Convention and the first AES International Conference on High Quality Audio Coding. She has received several awards including the AES Silver Medal and twice Board of Governors Award for her contributions to the Society. A senior member of IEEE, Marina is currently Treasurer-Elect of the AES and a founding director of the Moving Picture, Audio and Data Coding by Artificial Intelligence (MPAI) and Chair of MPAI Context-Based Audio Enhancement Development Committee.