Marisa Ewing

Hemlock Creek Productions

Marisa Ewing is an audio engineer, sound designer and composer, as well as the founder of Hemlock Creek Productions, a boutique audio post-production studio in Washington, DC. Marisa has had experience working as a freelancer on a wide range of audio projects, including podcasts, film, video games, and music. In January 2020, she founded Hemlock Creek Productions, a post-production studio that focuses on editing audio for many types of projects, especially audio that was recorded outside of traditional recording studios. Some of the projects she's worked on include the video games "Le Jardin Des Délices" and "Etherium," as well as the TTRPG podcasts "Rusty Quill Gaming" and "Dark Dice." Marisa is also an advocate for diversity in the world of audio, and regularly speaks at schools, conferences, and other events to promote diversity and inclusion in the industry.