Melissa Widzinski

Library of Congress

Melissa Widzinski is currently an audio preservation specialist at the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center of the Library of Congress. Prior to that, she worked as an audio preservation engineer for the Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative at Indiana University. She has also worked in recording and live events at the University of Rochester and in audio preservation at the State University of New York at Fredonia.

Melissa is passionate about preservation work. She is skilled in the preservation of wax cylinders, aluminum discs, lacquer discs, shellac, vinyl, 1/4" open reel tape, cassette tape, DAT, and CD.

Melissa is active in the audio preservation community. She has presented numerous times across the United States at various conferences for AES and ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections). She is also currently a member of the technical committee of ARSC and has previously served as a board member of the same organization.