Michael Santucci


: Dr. Michael Santucci, Au.D., is a respected audiologist specializing in hearing loss prevention (HLP) for musicians. Winner of numerous awards for his ground-breaking work in hearing conservation, Santucci is founder and president of IEM manufacturer Sensaphonics, Inc., personal audiologist to a number of major musicians and sound engineers, and sits as Vice Chair of the AES Technical Committee on Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention.

Established in 1985, Sensaphonics is renowned as a champion of hearing health in the music industry, winning the prestigious Safe-In-Sound Award for innovation in hearing loss prevention, presented by NIOSH and the National Hearing Conservation Association in 2009. Under Santucci’s leadership, Sensaphonics is a technology leader in personal monitoring, producing such innovative solutions as the first custom dual-driver IEM, the first soft silicone IEM (ProPhonic 2X-S), the patented 3D Active Ambient IEM System, the patented dB Check in-ear sound level analyzer. Santucci’s and the 3D-ME Method, a music enhancement monitoring system for hearing-impaired musicians and music fans.