Oliver Kadel

1.618 Digital

Oliver Kadel is an award-winning audio engineer and sound designer based in London. In 2014, Oliver founded the immersive audio production collective 1.618 Digital, where he is now an audio lead. 1.618 Digital specialises in audio production and postproduction, offering immersive and spatial audio solutions for 360 video content, interactive VR/AR media, mobile applications and podcast production.

As a lead sound designer Oliver has worked on projects for brands such as Ford, Ted Baker, O2, John Lewis, BBC, Channel 4, Comic Relief, Laphroaig and many more, the latter being nominated as Best Branded VR content at the Raindance Film Festival 2017, Biggest Social Impact Project at the VR Awards 2018, and The Best use of VR at The DADI Awards 2018.

He has also been invited to speak on industry panels in the UK and Europe, such as BVE 2017 Next-generation audio, BVE 2018 Sound storytelling, BVE 2019 Audio for Augmented Reality, Immerse UK (Future of immersive audio developments), and Czech VR Fest 2018 Keynote: Immersive audio and Interactive audio for VR, Music & Gaming.

In 2018, Oliver launched the Immersive Audio Podcast which hosts industry experts and influential guests discussing all areas of immersive audio and the XR industry. The podcast has been highly commended as a valuable source of information for industry professionals and continues to grow its audience globally.

Oliver has co-written and published his first academic publication on “Immersive Audio Post-production for 360 Video” as part of a submission for the AES conference and more recently Oliver took on a new lecturing position, teaching Immersive Audio to Masters students at the University of West London.