Richard Capeless

Deep Groove Mono

Richard’s interest in the history of audio engineering began in 2004 while reading the book Temples of Sound. Taking an interest in jazz soon after, by 2012 he was an avid collector of vintage jazz records, specifically those recorded and mastered by engineer Rudy Van Gelder. Richard’s passion for the hobby developed quickly and he published his first article for the London Jazz Collector website in 2013 (“How They Heard It: Blue Note Records and the Transition from Mono to Stereo”). At this time he also launched the collector blog Deep Groove Mono, and has since published technical papers on topics including vinyl mastering and monophonic sound reproduction. Richard’s involvement with the Audio Engineering Society began in 2016 as an assistant to Dan Mortensen, chair of the AES historical track at the time. Along with historian Ashley Kahn, Richard is currently co-authoring the Van Gelder Studio’s application for National Landmark status.