Ryan Rumery

Pen o Three

Ryan Rumery is a 2017 alum of the Sundance Institute Sound Designer and Composer Lab for Documentary Film at Skywalker Ranch. He is a composer for films, commercials, and journalism, including Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles (2020 Tribeca Film Festival), District 15 (2020 http://Patagonia.com), Inside Rudy Giuliani’s Mission for Trump in the Ukraine (2020 The Washington Post), When We Walk (2019 Margaret Mead Film Festival, Human Rights Watch Film Festival), Pathways to Power (2019 The Washington Post), Epic Extras (2019 Major League Baseball), Afghan Cycles (2018 Hot Docs), The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Paul Manafort (2018 The Washington Post), Awake: A Dream From Standing Rock (2017 Tribeca Film Festival), How to Let Go of the World (And Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change) (2016 Sundance, HBO), City of Gold (2015 Sundance, SXSW, IFC/Sundance Selects), And, Apart (2016 Golden Door International Film Festival, Local Sightings Film Festival), Murder in Paris (2015 CNN Death Row Stories.) Music producer for studio albums, and an accomplished drummer and percussionist. Co-creator and performer for Palissimo's The Painted Bird trilogy. Rumery is also an Obie award winning sound designer for theater with over 250 theatre productions on and off Broadway, at regional theatres, and abroad.