Thomas Fine

Tom Fine Audio Services

Tom Fine operates an analog-to-digital transfer and mastering studio in Brewster, NY. He specializes in institutional/archival transfer projects, mastering of commercial-release music and also works for private collectors. Clients have included Decca Classics/UMG, L'Association des Amis de l'Art de Marcel Dupré, the state of New Mexico, Oregon State University, the Shelburne (VT) Museum and Poets House in New York City. Fine's capabilities and expertise include most magnetic tape and grooved disk formats. Mastering projects have included 30+ reissues of Mercury Living Presence recordings, including recent state-of-the art digital and all-analog reissues. He has also researched and written about the early digital recording systems and various other now-antique recording techniques and equipment. Articles and equipment reviews by Tom Fine have been published in the Association of Recorded Sound Collections Journal and TapeOp magazine. Music reviews have been published by TapeOp, the Association of Recorded Sound Collections Journal and He has written booklet notes for several Decca Classics/UMG releases. Fine is a Member of the Audio Engineering Society, the Association of Recorded Sound Collections and the Adirondack 46-rs.