Tom Ammermann

New Audio Technology

Grammy-nominated music producer, Tom Ammermann, began his journey as a musician in the 1980s, and as a music producer in the early 1990s, where he became the founder of Hamburg-based Luna Studio, in 1995. Having produced music for advertising and film, Tom raised the level of high-quality audio production by working with many local musicians using pioneering techniques.

At the turn of the 21st Century, Tom produced unique surround audio productions for music and film projects as well as pioneering the very first surround mixes for headphones, which quickly established his brand Headphone Surround 3D and reputation as an immersive audio producer and software developer.

Tom produced the forsenses Blu-ray project for Sony Music Entertainment, in 2008, using 3D spatial audio production and, by 2009, Tom had developed bespoke audio software products allowing producers to create content for 3D and immersive audio applications and entertainment.

Recognizing the potential, Lucasfilmtm employed Tom’s Spatial Audio Designer, software to create the Auro-3D® mix for the first immersive audio movie, Red Tails, in 2011. This led to the founding of New Audio Technology in 2012, and the development of additional software products including the Spatial Sound Card and the Spatial Audio Game Engine (SAGE).

Currently, Tom is working on developing new technologies in spatial audio whilst offering workshops and presentations at high-profile international audio conferences, including, but not limited to, Audio Engineering Society (AES) conventions and conferences, Tonmeistertagung, SAE Alumni and the International Conference on Spatial Audio (ICSA).

In 2018 Tom was Grammy-nominated for Best Surround Sound Album for his work on Kraftwerk 3-D - The Catalog.

Additional references: Stargate, Million Dollar Baby, Terminator 2, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Traffic, Gangs of New York, I, Frankenstein, Expendables I-III, 5th Element, Booka Shade and Kraftwerk 3D.