Ty Roberts

Ty Roberts Innovation

Ty Roberts brings 25 years of experience and vision to every project. As a technologist, he developed technologies and data that power products including iTunes and Ford Sync, which are used by hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide. Today, he is the Strategic Advisor for TIDAL, OIID and TUNESMAP, where he works to push the envelope around delivering works as the artist intended them to be head and seen. He holds dozens of patents for his inventions and has created multiple technical standards across the industry.
Having worked with artists in many genres of music, including David Bowie and Brian Eno, both in the lab and the studio, Roberts is adept at taking artists' creative lead and as their virtual CTO, enabling their ideas to come to life. As an industry leader at ION, Gracenote and Universal Music Group, he promoted new formats and standards that have fostered the growth of music. movies and television.