Wolfgang Klippel

Klippel GmbH

Wolfgang Klippel studied electrical engineering at the University of Technology in Dresden, in the former East Germany, where his initial studies focused on speech recognition. Afterwards, he joined a loudspeaker company in the eastern part of Germany where he was engaged in transducer modelling, acoustic measurement and psychoacoustics. He later returned to his studies and received a Ph.D in Technical Acoustics in 1987.

After spending a post-doctoral year at the Audio Research Group in Waterloo, Canada and working at Harman/JBL in Northridge, CA, he returned to Dresden in 1997 and founded Klippel GmbH, a company that develops novel control and measurement systems dedicated to loudspeakers and other transducers.

Dr. Klippel has also been engaged as Professor of Electro-acoustics at the University of Technology in Dresden since 2007. His papers and tutorials on loudspeaker modeling and measurement – particulary those on large signal behaviour and physical distortion mechanisms – are considered reference works in the field.