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*Keynote Address* Creative and Alternative Audio Adventurers

‐ May 28, 2021 4:00pm

This presentation is to celebrate individuals who currently are using sound and audio technology in creative and alternative ways that enhance the human experience.

Some examples:
Roy Allela, an engineer from Kenya who has created gloves that turn sign language into audible speech.

Ellen Reid, creator of "Soundwalk", a GPS enabled work of public art that uses music to illuminate the natural environment. She has composed musical works to stroll through Central Park and hike in Los Angeles' Griffith Park.

Jonathan Ward, an audio archeologist who collects 78rpm records from around the world including Nigeria, Madacascar and Panama. Author of "Excavated Shellac, an alternate History of World Music".
Brian Bushway, Greatest Blind Mountain Biker and master of Echolocation, how blind people see with sound.