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360 Ecosystem with Hank Shocklee

‐ May 27, 2021 4:00pm

What is the 360 Ecosystem: Producers, beat makers, programmers can now begin to imagine the delivery/distribution/presentation of their works at even earlier stages of creation. We’ll discuss how artists, arrangers, composers & songwriters fit into this Ecosystem so they might present their music in a new way to their fans (consumers). Ecosystem Idea: Artist; Producer; Mixing Engineer & Immersive Engineer -then- Producer; Artist; Fans (Consumers through Immersive Playback). How: Taking close microphone/console audio of a stereo 2-mix and reimagining into Dolby Atmos (Avid Play for Distribution) or Sony RA360 (Orchard for Distribution). Potential future state: using spatial microphones early in the production/writing process to capture the true sonics of what an artist, arranger, composer or songwriter hears in their mind as the musical work develops. Why: Consumers probably already have the technology in their pocket without knowing it’s even available to them. Fans can access playback options through streaming services, using speakers/sound bars/headphones (i.e., AirPod Pro2 & AirPod MAX which are now Atmos enabled). Will artists, arrangers, composers & songwriters start to change their thought processes/workflow in the earliest writing stages with the idea of immersing their listeners at inception. What consumers choose for playback (e.g., speaker(s) vs headphones/binaural) can have impact genre to genre. Every musical style should have access to present their music in these cutting edge formats. Presentation of the 360 Ecosystem will use a musical work from legendary artist & producer Hank Shocklee to reimagine an original stereo 2-mix into both the Dolby Atmos and Sony RA360 formats.