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Introducing the TC-MLAI

‐ May 27, 2021 6:00pm

The AES Technical Council has identified that the community of audio engineers working with Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is underrepresented in the technical committees. The newly formed AES Technical Committee on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (TC-MLAI) intends to answer this need.

The TC-MLAI focuses on applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in audio, with discussions on topics such as: best practices, data, licensing, social and cultural aspects, technical innovations, and ethics. The goal of the committee is to drive discussion and exchange information by organizing workshops, symposia, tutorials, and technical documents. It will also act as a point of contact and a bridge to other AES technical committees, the AES community at large, and other organizations involved in ML and AI for audio.
In this workshop, we will present the committee’s mission, values, agenda, and avenues for membership and participation. We will highlight exciting developments and trends as they relate to audio, while at the same time acknowledging topics of controversy, such as data bias, privacy concerns, and when it is appropriate to call an audio technology “artificially intelligent.”

The workshop will be composed of four parts: introducing the technical committee, including its mission, values, and membership; providing a brief overview of the state of ML and AI in audio; facilitating a panel discussion about what ML and AI mean in the context of audio engineering; and hosting an open Q&A session with workshop attendees.