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AES UK Section - Personalized Audio for TV

‐ Sep 8, 2023 1:00pm

In this talk, Rupert Brun will explain what audio objects are and why we need them. His award-winning Wimbledon ‘NetMix’ experiment from 2011 led directly to a focus on accessibility as the key feature for Next Generation Audio. Rupert will cover the ways in which audio objects can be created for both live and post-produced content, and how they can be distributed to the consumer, calling on his experience delivering audio object content for a wide range of programmes, including Eurovision and the European Athletics Championship. His talk will be based on his personal experience with MPEG‑H, but other standards will be outlined including the Audio Definition Model (ADM) and the emerging serial version SADM.

Rupert has been a member of the AES for many decades and was previously a member of the UK Committee, with responsibility for sustaining members. He is also a member of the IET Media Executive Committee and a STEM Ambassador. He helps to run the Radio Technology Conference in the UK each year. Rupert spent 35 years with the BBC in a variety of roles including Senior Engineer, Maida Vale and Senior Engineer Radiophonic Workshop. He spent his last decade at the BBC as Head of Technology for Radio & Music TV, with responsibility for all of the technology across those areas including multi-million pound technology projects. Rupert left the BBC to set up Brun Audio Consulting Ltd in March 2015. His clients include broadcasters, technology companies, manufacturers, and systems integrators. He continues to work with Fraunhofer IIS to promote MPEG‑H Next Generation Audio for TV, with a focus on personalisation, especially accessibility.